Monthly Intensive Courses

English mastered on holiday!

Monthly Intensive Courses

24h lekcyjnych/ kurs

Każda lekcja 90 minut

4-7 osób/ grupę

one month


4 weeks ( 28h classroom)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

07:30, 08:00, 09:00, 16:30, 17:00, 18:30, 19:30


All levels of sophistication – level table

Start date

1-3 July 2020

Number of hours

Holiday semester (July – September): 28h classroom


Intensive odds are the best opportunity to significantly improve your English in a short time.
If you have time to study only on vacation, then intensive courses will be the best choice. Already in 4 weeks you can master the material, usually worked for half of the usual semester. It is possible to continue the courses in the coming months.

Access to the online platform

We guarantee access to the e-learning platform during the course and 6 months after the end of classes. The platform is an integral part of our teaching system, which we called TotalVocab. Thanks to TotalVocab, our listeners can remember 100 material from the classes.

The course is ideal for:

People who want to learn English for practical use in life situations as soon as possible.

Normalna cena

648zł /course


583zł /course

10 – Last Minute

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