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Hello everyone! My name is Angelika.

I was born in Poland but moved to Ireland with my family and I have been living here for quite some time.

My journey with the English language started pretty early on in my life; you can say I was thrown in the deep end. I had to pick up English pretty quickly at school, so I know how stressful learning a new language can be.

Before starting university I fell in love with Spanish & naturally I went on to study it and obtained my BA degree, which led me to move to Spain where I got my TEFL certificate, gained experience, and fell in love with teaching English.
I never imagined I would end up being a teacher but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing’s better than being a part of someone else’s journey of learning English.

I love a challenge so in my free time I’m attempting to self-study Korean, so wish me luck.

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