How does English-line work?

Start talking from the first lesson. At English-Line we combine the best lecturers with the possibilities of new technologies.

1 Online lessons with great teachers

Connect from anywhere and practice speaking from the first lesson.

The level of classes is always carefully selected for each student to feel comfortable and at ease.

Our lessons are focused on speaking and vocabulary.

We use authentic , interesting materials because lessons must be engaging and dynamic.

I highly recommend the English-line school. I have completed two courses and see a huge improvement:) I am very satisfied:)
Teachers wonderful and helpful and the atmosphere in class- like having coffee with friends:)


Our platform is available on all devices: Android, iOS, Computers, Tablets.

Platforma EnglishLine na urządzenia Windows Platforma EnglishLine na urządzenia Apple Platforma EnglishLine na urządzenia Android Platforma EnglishLine na Tablety

2Remembereverything with the myEnglishline app

After the lesson, the lecturers will input key vocabulary words on a platform where you can repeat them anywhere.

Learn less

It takes only a few seconds to repeat the word.
You don’t repeat the words you know.
More often you repeat words that are difficult.

Remember more

Words pass into long-term memory.
It’s easier for you to ‘recall’ the word then
when you need them in conversation

We teach by communicative method ... More!

Achieve maximum results in the shortest time.

Speaking and vocabulary
Speaking and vocabulary

We want every student to speak English smoothly as soon as possible. Therefore, our method is geared toward communication and free speech.

We take notes for you
We take notes for you

After the lessons, you will receive the class materials along with the lecturer's notes. In class, you can focus on speaking.

Use the platform without limit.
Use the platform without limit.

Use the platform even after the course is over, without limit. We want you to consolidate the material 100%.

Frequently asked questions

Are materials provided in the course?

Yes. We use high-quality materials that are provided as part of the course.

Is it possible to pay monthly?

Yes, we offer a transparent monthly payment system with no additional fees.

Why are the courses in fixed groups?

A lesson with people you know is more fun. In our courses we guarantee a maximum of two regular lecturers and a fixed intimate group at the same level.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, a contract is not required. By signing up for the course, all you have to do is accept the terms and conditions :

Can I cancel the course?

Yes, there is a 2-week notice period for monthly courses. In longer courses - a 4-week notice period. The pro rata refund of the fee is transferred to the student's account.

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