How we teach in English-Line

To learn to speak, you have to speak.

Speaking can not be learned by doing book exercises or listening to lectures. You need people with whom you can talk, interesting content and topics and a friendly atmosphere. In this way, we break down language barriers.

In the end, I got rid of the blockade, which stopped all the English words in my throat. The atmosphere in the classes was very nice, sometimes we even cried with laughter:) . The topic of classes interesting. I recommend this school to all your friends with a clean heart!”

Agnes G

We teach by communicative method ... More!

Therefore, at our courses

we teach only in small groups


we speak only English


80 time students say

We will move the sky and the lands to find interesting materials.

Lessons must be interesting and dynamic. We will do everything to be involved in the classes. Our modern rooms give teachers endless opportunities to use authentic materials.

Interactive didate aids

All rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. Engaging authentic multimedia is the norm in our classes.

Probably no aspect of learning a foreign language is more important than memory. Yet no aspect of language learning has been less well examined.

Dr. Paul Pimsleur

Learn less, remember more

Replays are a key part of language learning. Therefore, our mobile app is an integral part of our courses.

You have access to our app forever! Repeat words until they become an integral part of your language.

Learn wherever you are

Our platform uses a scientifically proven method of repeating vocabulary – spaced repetition ( interval replays).

Thanks to this, our students are able to repeat a large number of words in the shortest possible time.


English learning platform

Our platform is available on all devices: Android, iOS, Computers, Tablets.

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