Platform that will remember everything

Remember all the words from the lesson by using a scientifically proven method – interval replays.

Learning vocabulary is the most important element of rapid progress in language learning. Whatever you learn, and whatever you learn, often the ability to understand someone and express yourself understandably depends on one simple thing – do you know enough words.

Olly Richards – Polyglota

Use the platform for as long as you need even after the course ends. Remember 100 words from the lesson.

Learn less

It takes only a few seconds to repeat the word.
You don’t repeat the words you know.
More often you repeat words that are difficult.

Remember more

Words pass into long-term memory.
It’s easier for you to ‘recall’ a word then
when you need them in conversation

methods of teaching English

Our platform is available on all devices: Android, iOS, Computers, Tablets.

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Features that will speed up your learning.

Sets of word

Create additional custom sets of words based on the articles you read.

A thorough insight into your learning progress

Find out how many words you have learned and how much time you have invested in science.

Get notifications about new bundles

With notifications from your teachers, you won't miss a replay of an important word.

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